WP Keep Soul – Anti-Malware WordPress Plugin

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Plugin Functions

  1. Detect malicious code in WordPress core files
  2. Detect and Remove unwanted files/arbitrarily uploaded files(malicious & unwanted)
  3. Restore only infected files instead of restoring all legitimate files as part of website recovery.
  4. Log the actions taken and send them to the website administrator for analysis
  5. Keep a quarantined copy of infected files and email a zipped copy to the administrator with logs.
  6. Best Part: Scan and Restore time in quick scan is less than 1 second, Full scan is less than 30 Seconds.

Attention Please: This content is solely my intellectual property and therefore, cannot be sold. However, you are allowed to test and utilize it for personal use only. It is important to note that there are certain cases where extra care needs to be taken while using this tool. To ensure safe and proper usage, please read the plugin admin page for detailed instructions and guidelines.

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